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Wayanad - Wildlife

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary - Muthanga

Established in 1973, the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is contiguous to the protected area network of Nagarhole and Bandipur of Karnataka on the northeast and Mudumalai of Tamil Nadu on the southeast. Rich in bio diversity, the sanctuary is an integral part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve , which has been established with the specific objective of conserving the biological heritage of the region. The sanctuary is rich in flora and fauna. The management lays emphasis on scientific conservation with due consideration for the general lifestyle of the tribals and others who live in and around the forest. Elephant, spotted deer. Bison, tiger, cheetah, wild bear etc. can be spotted here. Elephant rides are arranged by the Forest department.

Spread over avast area Muthanga is part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Region. Located 18 kms East of Sultan Bathery, it is a rain forest reserve connected to two other major sanctuaries: Bandipur National Park (103kms.) in Karnataka and Mudumalai Sanctuary (123kms.) in Tamil Nadu.

The vegetation is predominantly moist deciduous forest with smaller stretches of swamps, teak forests, bamboo and tall grass. With such profuse and varied flora, this region hosts several rare herbs and medicinal plants.

With numerous watering holes, Muthanga has a large population of pachyderms,and has been declared a Project Elephant site.

Other animals species include Leopards, Gaur, Sambar, Cheetal, Barking Deer, Hanuman Langur and Slender Loris. The reserve is also home to a small population of Tigers. In addition, there is also a bewildering variety of birds, butterflies and insects.


Kalpetta: 42kms. Sultan Bathery: 17kms

Permitting authority:

Wildlife Warden, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Sulthan Bathery. Tel +91 (0)4936 220454

Near by Wildlife Sanctuary:

Begur Wildlife Sanctuary:

This sanctuary is home to many exotic species of fauna.

20 km east or Mananthavady.

Several species of animals like elephant , bison, spotted deer, tiger, leopard, bear and wild boar are found in this sanctuary , which is just 100 kms from Vythiri. The best season to visit is Dec-to May, when animals from the neighbouring Bandhipur, Nagarhole and Mudamalai frequent this sanctuary due to scarcity of water elsewhere. Day trips are organized from various resorts in Wayanad.

Bandipur National Park and Tiger Reserve:

Situated in Karnataka , this famous wildlife sanctuary and tiger reserve is also easily accessible from Malabar and is en route to Ooty.

Mudumalai Elephant Park:

Tamil Nadu's most well-known wild life sanctuary is within easy reach and is just 130 kms from Vythiri.

Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary:

Situated in Karnataka, this wildlife sanctuary is some 40 kms from Mananthavady in Wayanad. Jeeps and trucks regularly transport visitors to this location.

This sanctuary in Karnataka state extends over 643.39 sq.km. The park houses diverse species of plant and animal life. Visiting time:0600-0800 hrs and 1500-1730 hrs.


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