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Wayanad - Wildlife
  • Wild animals have their distinct daily and seasonal patterns of activities. a baisc knowledge of these patterns increases one's chances of seeing them. The frequency of wildlife sightings in national parks and reserves varies, depending on the time of year.In India the best times are from February to May,during these months the trees are often bare, so visibility is considerably improved. Since there is also a general scarcity of water, the animals concentrate near sources of water.
  • Organize your Wildlife safari early in the mornings and late in afternoons. In the winter, afternoon safaris are better as there is often a thick mist in the morning.
  • While Playing and feeding,Animals are most conspicuous and most likely to spot.
  • One should avoid wearing bright colors that make you conspicuous. Jungle-green, kakhi, beige, camouflage are preferred for tropical and sub-tropical environments, but in the Himalayas, where snow is present, light neutral colours may be most suitable.
  • Animals are very wary of the human voice. So, in order to get close to them, absolute silence is essential.
  • Wild Animals living in closed environments have an exceptional sense of smell and will detect and avoid human scent. While Stalking animals, it is therefore important to stay downwind of them or you will give your presence away sooner than you think, especially if there is a gentle breeze. For the same reason avoid wearing perfumes and, if using insect repellant, choose the kind that smells the least.

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